Residency Program

Objectives of the Program

The diagnostic radiology residency program  provides an opportunity for development of the knowledge and technical skill necessary for the practice of diagnostic radiology with emphasis on training in an environment that reflects the clinical practice of radiology. Providing the credentials, case material and didactic education necessary for certification by the American Board of Radiology are the paramount objectives of the program.

Based in a private practice atmosphere, the basic and physical sciences of radiology are also emphasized. Clinical and basic science research is also encouraged. This combination affords residents the opportunity to pursue academic fellowships and other academic positions in radiology, if desired.

The program allows residents to assume a large amount of clinical responsibility while remaining under supervision of the radiology faculty.

Because radiologic diagnosis is important to essentially all physicians, the program provides an opportunity for medical students and residents in non radiologic disciplines to learn the fundamentals of radiologic interpretation and to participate in the daily activity of a radiological practice. The complete program (NRMP 1903420C0) includes a clinical year under the supervision of the Transitional Year Program faculty followed by four years of diagnostic radiology

Clinical Year

The clinical year is provided through the Brookwood Baptist Health’s Transitional Year program

The clinical year is specifically designed to expose the incoming radiology resident to specific subspecialty areas where knowledge of the clinical and surgical aspects of disease processes in that sub-specialty are important for understanding and interpreting the radiological findings.

Rotations in the Transitional Year program include general surgery, ambulatory medicine, inpatient general internal medicine and critical care medicine, as well as electives. The last month of this clinical year is spent in a diagnostic radiology rotation.

The clinical year in our Transitional Year program is granted automatically through the NRMP match process. If you successfully match into the Diagnostic Radiology program, then you are also automatically matched into the Transitional Year program.